Why does my agency/organization/institution need Applications Quest?

In order for agencies, organizations and universities to remain competitive, a diversity of perspectives, opinions, and ideas is essential. The United States Supreme Court considered the educational benefits of diversity to be so compelling as to warrant its active promotion by schools in their admissions practices. The educational benefits of diversity are borne out by a wealth of studies. Admissions officers can achieve the same academic achievement levels with Applications Quest in a fraction of the time while obtaining a holistically diverse admissions class within the bounds of the law. Additionally, both government and private enterprises can benefit by using Applications Quest as a tool in their HR process to help with the efficient, fair and equitable selection of personnel.

Does Applications Quest sacrifice quality for diversity?

No. In several studies, when Applications Quest was compared to admissions committees, it was found that Applications Quest not only resulted in holistically more diverse admissions classes, but it also did so while achieving equivalent academic achievement levels as the admissions committee in a fraction of the time.

How complex is the implementation of Applications Quest into customer workflow?

Applications Quest can be integrated into organizations and institutions business process very easily and is flexible enough to take into account any variables necessary to tailor it to your requirements.

Does Applications Quest give preference based on race, gender, national origin?

No, Applications Quest considers all attributes equally important in contributing to diversity. Race, ethnicity, or national origin may be among these attributes, but will never be the determining factor according the model adopted by Applications Quest.  In fact, Applications Quest is presently the only holistic solution which can prove objectively that race and ethnicity have not been used as determining factors in achieving diversity.

Does Applications Quest adhere to the US Supreme Court decisions in the Michigan cases, Proposal 2 or Proposition 209?

Yes, all three cases make it clear that race, gender, national origin can be used in admissions so long as they do not form the basis preference.  Applications Quest achieves diversity while at the same time excluding the possibility of preference in a manner that is objectively verifiable.

Are minorities more likely to be recommended by Applications Quest?

No.  In fact, the model used by Applications Quest inherently excludes the possibility of preference for one particular race or ethnicity over another.  All applications have equal opportunity on the basis of race and/or ethnicity.

What type of hardware do customers need to use Applications Quest?

Applications Quest is offered via the ASP (Application Service Provider) model, meaning that it is a fully hosted service that is made available to clients via the Web. Therefore, you do not need special hardware or software platforms to use Applications Quest. All that is required is a web browser and the applications used as input to the program.

Will customer data be protected?

All data will be hosted in a secure web server and transferred via a secure socket connection. However, institutions are encouraged to only upload information that is going to be used in Applications Quest. Social security numbers and other sensitive data are not required for processing in Applications Quest; instead of using names or social security numbers to track applications on Applications Quest, such information may be omitted in favor of an assigned code which may be used by the client for internal tracking.

Does Applications Quest work with other enrollment management systems?

While at the present time there are no APIs (interfaces) to existing enrollment management systems, data transfer from these systems to Applications Quest is simple.  You can transfer data from your enrollment management to Applications Quest by exporting the data to a tab delimited file, and then uploading the file into Applications Quest.

How does Applications Quest process essays?

Essays should be read by a person and scored. The scores are processed in Applications Quest.