Product Info

Applications Quest is a software application that allows institutions to manage capacity issues associated with an increasing number of applicants for available slots in a holistic way. It recommends a diverse group of applicants in line with your academic standards and/or hiring objectives without giving preference to any racial or ethnic group. Unlike other holistic approaches, Applications Quest uses a model that is objective and reproducible and therefore free of human bias. Regardless of the ratio of applications to slots, Applications Quest can make recommendations in a fair, equitable way. This gives schools or hiring organizations with even the most intense competition the opportunity to look at each application in comparison with all the other applications fairly during their review cycle. In pilot tests, Applications Quest recommended applicants in line with those selected by a committee in a fraction of the time.

Product Benefits include:

• Provides true holistic evaluation
• Free of human error and/or bias
• Eliminates racial/ethnic preference from the evaluation process
• Reproducible – consistent reliable results and verifiable objectivity
• Measurable – results and gains in diversity are quantifiable and verifiable
• Cost and time efficient – saves time and money as compared to subjective holistic approaches
• Easy to implement – offered as a fully hosted ASP solution that is ready to use

Applications Quest was invented in 2003 by Dr. Juan E. Gilbert. Gilbert is Professor and Chair of the Human Centered Computing Division at Clemson University’s School of Computing and the co- founder of Applications Quest LLC, the company formed to bring the AQ software to market.